Sony Santa Monica Hiring for New Action-Adventure Game

Sony Santa Monica Hiring for New Action-Adventure Game

Santa Monica Studio, the talented team behind the critically acclaimed God of War franchise, has recently posted several job listings indicating that they are working on a new unannounced title. As a first-party developer owned by Sony, Santa Monica Studio is renowned for delivering top-tier single-player experiences, with God of War Ragnarok being one of their standout titles on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

God of War, an action-adventure series deeply rooted in Greek and Norse mythology, has been a flagship franchise for PlayStation since its inception on the PlayStation 2. Each generation has seen the series evolve and captivate players with its immersive gameplay and rich storytelling. However, it appears that Santa Monica Studio is ready to explore new horizons.

The recent job listings from Santa Monica Studio indicate that they are actively seeking talented individuals to join their team for the development of an unannounced title. The positions they are looking to fill include an engineering manager, a senior producer, a senior technical artist, and a senior environment concept artist. The job requirements for the senior environment concept artist emphasize the ability to create realistic and believable fantasy-based props, architecture, and natural landscapes, both in 3D and 2D.

While the job listings provide strong evidence that Santa Monica Studio is working on a new game, the studio has not yet disclosed any specific details about the unannounced title. Speculations range from a sequel to God of War Ragnarok, which could further explore unanswered questions surrounding Kratos’ son Atreus, to a potential return to one of the studio’s previous franchises, such as the racing game Kinetica. Another possibility is that Santa Monica Studio is embarking on an entirely new intellectual property, forging a fresh path for their creative endeavors.

Following the PlayStation Showcase in May, it appears that Santa Monica Studio and its developers are eager to embrace new challenges and venture into uncharted territories. While the God of War series continues to garner praise for its immersive storytelling, complex characters, and engaging combat, it is advantageous for the studio to diversify its portfolio and channel its talents into different genres and narratives. The team’s recent success with God of War Ragnarok, which garnered multiple awards at The Game Awards 2022, demonstrates their ability to create exceptional experiences beyond the iconic franchise.

As Santa Monica Studio seeks to expand and push the boundaries of their creativity and technological prowess, the gaming community eagerly awaits further announcements and revelations about their mysterious unannounced project. It is an exciting time for both the studio and players, as new adventures and captivating experiences lie on the horizon, ready to be explored.

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