Sony Reacts to the Battlefield Franchise, Claiming That It 'Cannot Keep Up' With Call of Duty

Sony Reacts to the Battlefield Franchise, Claiming That It ‘Cannot Keep Up’ With Call of Duty

Sony recently remarked on the Battlefield franchise, claiming that it cannot compete with the Call of Duty brand.

Microsoft shocked the gaming world in January 2022 when it announced plans to purchase Activision Blizzard for a hefty $68.7 billion. Microsoft also stated that the purchase is expected to close in 2023 and that Activision Blizzard would continue to operate normally throughout this period. Sony has been trying hard to persuade examining regulators that the purchase should not go forward since it was announced.

As the acquisition nears completion, it appears that Sony has also upped its game, this time bringing Call of Duty and Battlefield into the equation. Sony worries that after acquiring Activision Blizzard, Microsoft would make Call of Duty Xbox exclusive, destroying Sony’s fan base. Sony pointed out that EA, Battlefield’s publisher, has been attempting to compete with Call of Duty for years without ever attaining the same level of popularity.

Sony also stated that Call of Duty is now unrivalled in the market, owing to the fact that no other publisher has the same amount of resources and competence as Activision-Blizzard. While Microsoft has maintained that it has no intentions to make Call of Duty limited to the Xbox and PC, Sony appears to be sceptical. Sony looks to be willing to battle tooth and nail to maintain the popular shooter game on PlayStation systems.

Several bullets have been thrown between Sony and Microsoft during this purchase process, and it appears like Sony is simply attempting to make things as tough for Microsoft as possible. Sony repeats many of the same arguments and assertions that players have heard before in its new papers, and it’s evident that the firm is just attempting to stall and postpone the process as much as possible. Many Battlefield enthusiasts were disappointed by Sony’s choice to publicly criticise the game. On the other side, Microsoft recently made news for stating that PlayStation exclusives are of higher quality than Xbox exclusives.

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