Sony May Be Forming a New Studio with Former Deviation Games Developers

Sony May Be Forming a New Studio with Former Deviation Games Developers

Sony appears to be building a new first-party studio staffed by former employees of Deviation Games, including ex-studio head Jason Blundell. Blundell, known for his work on Call of Duty at Treyarch, left Deviation in September 2022.

Industry insiders have noticed several former Deviation team members now list PlayStation Studios as their employer, including design director Fred Thompson. All joined Sony around the same time in recent months, suggesting they are working on an unannounced project under Blundell.

Additional Deviation alumni said to be part of the rumored studio are animation lead Adam Rosas, executive producer Pat Dwyer, principal animator Kristen Sych, and junior designer JC Farmer. Farmer directly stated he now works with Blundell.

While project details remain unknown, speculation points to a shooter, playing to Blundell’s specialty. PlayStation currently lacks shooter exclusives, so rumors hold weight. The move would continue Sony’s investment into live service titles and PC/console franchises following acquisitions of Bungie and Firewalk Studios.

In all, it appears Sony is leveraging Deviation Games talent to build out an FPS-focused studio under former Call of Duty veteran Blundell. More concrete details are likely to emerge in coming months as the project progresses behind-the-scenes.