Sony Announces Launch Date for New Alpha Mirrorless Camera – Speculations Abound

Speculations have gained momentum around a potential successor to the Sony A7C, a compact full-frame camera that gained popularity among street and travel photographers since its launch last year. Leaks surrounding this possible Sony A7C II model propose enhancements over its predecessor. The rumored specifications include a higher-resolution 33MP sensor (compared to the A7C’s 24.2MP), augmented video capabilities with support for 10-bit 4K/60p shooting, and incorporation of the S-Cinetone color profile, appealing to professional color graders.

While Sony’s teaser seems to suggest the introduction of only one new camera, insider information hints at the possibility of a companion model labeled the A7C R (with ‘R’ traditionally standing for Resolution in Sony’s camera nomenclature). The rumored A7C R might boast the same 61MP sensor as the Sony A7R V, although further details remain scant.

In addition to the anticipated camera releases, the rumor mill also points towards the potential unveiling of a new 16-35mm f/2.8 GM II lens. This lens, assumed to be a more compact iteration of the existing wide-angle zoom lens, could offer enhanced versatility to photographers.