Sonic Frontiers becomes Japan's fastest-selling mainline Sonic game

Sonic Frontiers becomes Japan’s fastest-selling mainline Sonic game

Sonic Frontiers is presently selling well in Japan, becoming the franchise’s fastest-selling game in the country. Sonic Frontiers, the first mainline 3D Sonic game since 2017’s Sonic Forces, was just released globally. While critical criticism has been varied, fan reaction has been positive since the game’s release. The popularity of Sonic’s recent open-zone adventure is reflected in various places of the world, including its own nation.

While Sonic the Hedgehog is a famous video game IP, its popularity has historically been concentrated in the Americas and Europe. Many people observe that the character isn’t nearly as popular in Japan as he is in the Western areas, owing to his demeanour and character, which is reflected in poor sales in Japan as well. Despite this, Sonic’s recent global appeal has grown as a result of the success of the Sonic movies, and this attraction appears to be paying off, as Sonic Frontiers had some respectable sales statistics in its first week.