Snapdragon CPUs and 165Hz panels are included in Lenovo's latest ThinkPads
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Snapdragon CPUs and 165Hz panels are included in Lenovo’s latest ThinkPads

Lenovo has released a slew of new ThinkPads, and there’s some interesting stuff among them. A new ThinkPad X13s with Snapdragon chips, a fifth-generation ThinkPad X1 Extreme with a WQXGA 165Hz screen option, and new P-series and T-series laptops are all on the way.

The screen shape is the piece of news that excites me the most. Lenovo informed me a few months ago that much of its portfolio would be transitioning to the 16:10 aspect ratio this year. They seem to be sticking to their word. The new versions are all 16:10, which means they’re taller and more spacious than the previous 16:9 ones.

Aside from the processor, the X13’s main selling point is its portability. It’s not quite as light as the lightest ThinkPads we’ve seen, but it’s still fairly light for a laptop at 2.35 pounds (1.06kg). With one hand, I was able to navigate Lenovo’s demo area rather well. Although there is no fan (which helps with the size and weight), Snapdragon chips are engineered to be highly efficient even without heavy-duty cooling.

Recycled materials are also used in several components of the chassis, notably the top and bottom covers, which are made entirely of recycled magnesium. In my brief time with the X13s, I didn’t notice any difference in build quality – it felt as solid and well-made as any portable ThinkPad.

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