Slack Introduces Innovative ChatGPT App, Revolutionizing Workplace Communication and Efficiency

Slack Introduces Innovative ChatGPT App, Revolutionizing Workplace Communication and Efficiency

In the next months, almost every firm will try to include generative AI into their applications and services. Salesforce, for example, teamed with OpenAI on Tuesday to offer a ChatGPT tool to its popular instant messaging platform Slack.

Salesforce disclosed in a blog post that the ChatGPT app would be able to provide quick chat summaries, research tools, and writing support. If you use Slack for work, you’ve undoubtedly returned from lunch to discover hundreds of unread messages. Don’t want to go through them all manually? No problem! Just ask ChatGPT to describe anything you missed, and you’ll be back up to speed in no time.

The ChatGPT software will also assist Slack users in quickly drafting messages. This will be a fantastic tool for quickly creating status reports and meeting recaps. On the other hand, I suspect that some of my colleagues will utilise it just to avoid having to speak to me about The Mandalorian and instead let ChatGPT answer as it sees appropriate.

According to Salesforce, the ChatGPT app was developed on top of Slack’s infrastructure, and clients would have granular control over third-party access to Slack data. The data that the ChatGPT app has access to will not be used by OpenAI to train the language model.

“OpenAI has been a wonderful Slack client, and we’re even more delighted for them to be an incredible Slack partner,” said Noah Desai Weiss, Chief Product Officer at Slack. “The ChatGPT Slack app fully integrates the capabilities of OpenAI’s cutting-edge big language models into Slack’s conversational interface.” There couldn’t be a better match. Customers will gain new superpowers as a result of this, since they will be able to tap into the collective knowledge of their organization’s channel archives. We’re pleased to collaborate with OpenAI to provide more creative AI capabilities straight into Slack in order to improve productivity for everyone.”

Sign up for the beta waitlist on OpenAI’s website if you wish to integrate the ChatGPT app into your own Slack conversations. Neither Salesforce nor OpenAI provided information on how many people will be accepted into the test or when invitations would begin to be distributed.

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