Sigurd is featured in the Fire Emblem Engage preview

Sigurd is featured in the Fire Emblem Engage preview

A fresh round of Fire Emblem Engage gameplay samples focuses on Sigurd the Holy Knight, a character from a previous entry in the series. During a Nintendo Direct in September, fans received their first glimpse and release date for Fire Emblem Engage, as well as a new video. It not only introduces the new Divine Dragon protagonist Alear, but it also features prior Fire Emblem lords in significant roles. They are now equippable as a pair of rings called Emblems, which summon these familiar figures to Alear’s side.

Characters such as the famous Marth, Celica, and even Sigurd are among the returning cast members first shown in Fire Emblem Engage’s announcement video. Sigurd is the lord of the first generation of characters that the player will be able to manage in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the franchise’s first pre-promoted lord, and in practically all of his appearances, including Fire Emblem Heroes, he rides a horse. These components are carried over into his debut in Fire Emblem Engage, with sample trailers demonstrating the abilities he provides as an Emblem.

SatsumaFS offered some translations for these previews, which were presented on the series’ official Twitter account. Sigurd’s symbol in Fire Emblem Engage is named the Crusader Emblem, a tribute to his being a descendant of one of Genealogy’s Twelve Crusaders. According to his official profile, he is also an “upright” knight. Alfred, one of the game’s playable troops, gave gamers a small glimpse of his powers. Another short sample shows some of the skills he has as an emblem.

Sigurd’s powers from his home game are kept in his Emblem ring, as shown in the gameplay preview. Because he is a cavalry troop with high mobility, any unit outfitted with his symbol will be able to go farther than normal, boosting their tactical and movement choices. Not only that, but following an assault, the equipped unit may move and escape to a different section of the battlefield.

The Twitter account, like the previously disclosed character gameplay teasers, showed off a support chat between Sigurd and another character, this time Alear. In this discussion, he expresses his feelings for Alear, comparing him to his own kid. Alear expresses gratitude to Sigurd, stating that he believes their hearts are one during the fight. While this does reveal Sigurd’s fatherly side, the dialogue inexplicably does not include Seliph, his real kid in the story, according to some fans. Some people are hopeful that Seliph himself may emerge as an Emblem in some manner.

Fire Emblem Engage will be released on the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.