Shortening the Diablo IV beta queue times is a goal of Blizzard's

Shortening the Diablo IV beta queue times is a goal of Blizzard’s

It’s easy to say that the early access weekend for Diablo IV hasn’t gone as well as Blizzard perhaps anticipated. Many users encountered lengthy login lines shortly after the beta’s launch on Friday. In my instance, I had to wait almost two hours before I could play the game, and after only around 15 minutes, I was abruptly disconnected.

After users voiced their complaints on social media and the official Diablo IV forums, Blizzard fixed the problem. In its initial statement on the problem, Blizzard stated, “The team is working through some difficulties that have been affecting players and leading them to be disconnected from the servers. This is carried out in order to guarantee stability among players who join the game following the queue process.

Blizzard requests that you remain in the login line if you’re waiting to play so as not to reset your timer. By the start of the open beta, which begins this coming weekend and allows anyone to play Diablo IV before its June 6th release date, the studio promised to have a more precise countdown in place. Blizzard stated, “We are currently addressing these issues for this weekend. We’ll be able to raise the number of players once issues are fixed, and queue times will drop dramatically.

Later on in the day, the developer provided an update on the matter and mentioned that it was also trying to fix a few other problems that players had reported, such as a flaw that prevented some from joining parties. On Saturday afternoon, there was substantially less of a line to play Diablo IV. In less than a minute, I reached the character choosing screen. Many users have successfully logged in to the game, however Blizzard acknowledged that others have had to wait longer than anticipated. We anticipate that the queue time will continue to decrease as we push out upgrades to our server reliability for our gamers.