Several tricks to write a good essay

Get your topic and find inspiration

Let’s write a great essay, but what should you do first? You have to ask your professor to assign a topic for you. If he’s a welcome person you can get it immediately. If not, you will get it within several days online. Anyway, it’s time to come up with an idea for your essay. It can be challenging to be interesting for a reader without using cliches or something that is already well-known. 

So, pick a piece of paper and start writing down everything you get on your mind. There can be two cases: you wrote a lot and you got almost nothing. In the first one, you have to pick the best idea that will show that you know the research topic well. If you wrote a few, try to choose the most viable idea to work with. In both cases, you are good. 

Now, start seeking sources of knowledge. They can be academic articles, research papers, articles, books, and so on. You have to read up to twenty articles to be in touch with your topic. We would like to mention that you can always rely on essay help if you run out of time or just have more important goals to do. 

Let’s write the intro

There are several ways to work on the intro. We are going to talk about the two most common. You may start writing an intro at the beginning or right after the chapters. In the first case, it can possibly require some reworking after finishing the body text. 

In the intro, you have to focus on this topic and your idea (an aspect of the problem) is actually. If we talk about a 1000-word essay, you may write three-four sentences. Try to be informative and short. 

After this, you have to set goals that will be achieved in your work. Make them achievable because it is one of the main reasons to declare them. 

Add information about academic writers you find informative and from whom you had some quotations. 

To increase your chances to have a better grade, you can ask a writing company to write paper for me. This will allow spending your personal time however you want. 

Prove that your idea is great

Now, it’s time to split your goals into chapters. For an average student essay having three chapters will be enough. If you have a 1000-word essay you should spend at least 65-75% of the words on the body text. We have some advice for you. Following them, you will simplify your writing experience and increase quality. 

  • Provide the best possible arguments that your idea is right and it has some research as a background.
  • We can add some cons to your idea to show why researchers and academic writers don’t agree with your idea and claims. 
  • Support your essay with quotations from writers. Keep references published about your topic. 
  • Work with the best citations, but try focusing on the most actual ones. This will show a professor that you know the tendencies of the actual knowledge base. 
  • Use your imagination. You can draw a schema if you need to visualize your thoughts or systemize your claims. Anyway, there are so many people that understand schemes better than just text. 
  • The same we have about lists. If you have similar claims, you can systemize them in the list, prioritizing them by importance. 
  • Keep in mind, most likely, that you need two days to write a good essay because you have to improve your claims, arguments, and your ideas. 
  • Be sure that your essay follows one of the academic standards: APA, MLA, or Chicago. 
  • Be sure that the word volume is just right and there is no need to add or remove something. 
  • In addition, you have to use spellchecking software to be sure it’s mistakes-free. 

We can advise payforessay if you struggle with any part of your work. Writing an essay can take from several hours to several days. If you overtake this range, something goes wrong and you need help. 

Finalizing with a conclusion

Focus on writing everything you want to say on a single page. First, inform a reader about how you reached your goals and how other researchers can improve their knowledge about this topic. Mention several best writers whose papers were the most useful. 

If you still have questions, you can read this great article – 7 Steps to Writing a CDsw GA Compelling College Essay (When You’d Rather Pay for Essay


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