Steam Deck

Save 20% on Valve’s Refurbished Steam Decks – Limited Time Offer!

Valve has announced a new offering that presents “certified refurbished” units of its Steam Deck. These reconditioned devices are priced approximately 20 percent lower than their brand-new counterparts, providing an opportunity to acquire one at a cost even lower than the prices during the Steam Summer Sale. Notably, the certified refurbished Steam Deck units come with the same one-year warranty as the new models. Furthermore, Valve has partnered with GameStop to make these refurbs available in select GameStop stores. The refurbs sold through GameStop have undergone reconditioning at GameStop facilities and will be accompanied by their own warranty.

At the time of this announcement, all three tiers of the Steam Deck are available in stock directly from Valve. The 64GB model is priced at $319, the 256GB variant is offered for $419, and the 512GB version is available at $519. These prices mark a reduction from the prices of new units, which are $399, $529, and $649 for the respective tiers.