Samsung may be working on a 'Fashion Film' for its smartphones

Samsung may be working on a ‘Fashion Film’ for its smartphones

Samsung’s new trademark application in the United Kingdom shows the corporation is working on trendy phone skins.
The UK Intellectual Property Office application uses the term “Fashion Film” to describe “protective and decorative films suited for cellphones.”

This isn’t a guarantee that a product will follow. Nonetheless, any indication that the corporation is considering entering the skin accessory industry is noteworthy. Smaller companies like Dbrand, which has even had its product displayed in Samsung stores, are currently occupying the sector. While the trademark application does not indicate which phones these skins will work with, they may be a fun alternative for anyone who wants to avoid using a phone case in favour of more easily-changeable aesthetics.

In October, Samsung introduced Bespoke Edition cellphones for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which will let consumers alter the colour of their phone from a limited palette of options for $79. Samsung’s promotion of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 as an attractive option rather than a gadget with excellent hardware, according to Dieter Bohn, indicated a shift in what the devices can express about their users, and offering swappable skins would be another acknowledgement of that.


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