Rumors suggest that Valve is working on a sequel to DOTA 2

Rumors suggest that Valve is working on a sequel to DOTA 2

Valve is said to be collaborating with the developer of Dota, IceFrog, on a new Dota 2 spin-off project called Neon Prime. Valve working on a new project is always an intriguing prospect, but rumors and leaks about its work are very untrustworthy. This is primarily due to Valve’s penchant for cancelling games or retooling projects, rendering even correct claims untrustworthy. However, there is some excitement about the supposed Neon Prime game that begs to be investigated more.

Dota 2 is still one of Valve’s most successful continuing projects. The MOBA and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive alternate as the most popular games on Steam. Furthermore, The International remains one of the most watched esports tournaments in the world, and a famous Dota 2 cartoon was published in 2021. It should come as no surprise that Valve wants to keep expanding on Dota 2, particularly as IceFrog is still a Valve employee.

Tyler McVicker, a prolific leaker, has provided information about Valve’s upcoming Dota project. Valve is now working on a new Dota-related project called Neon Prime, according to McVicker. The game has Dota 2’s IceFrog, although it’s unclear if it’s a MOBA. What is certain is that it is not “unlikely” to be an FPS. It’s also a science-fiction endeavor that’s supposed to include going to multiple realms, such as Ultoria or The Continuum’s home.

While McVicker has historically shown to be an untrustworthy rumormonger, sometimes releasing accurate information and sometimes sharing information that is either erroneous or has yet to be validated, there is some corroboration to what he has previously published. Valve has formally trademarked the term Neon Prime, and it is registered as being linked to video games. That hardly verifies the creation of a game, but it lends weight to McVicker’s subsequent claims.

On ResetEra, one ex-Valve employee commented on the Neon Prime trademark news, questioning whether it was Valve’s “FTL-like shipbuilding game.” That is unquestionably sci-fi and would allow for travel to many Dota 2 places, but it does not necessarily connect in well with the Dota brand. But it’s definitely fascinating, if only because it’s something fans wouldn’t anticipate.

Valve supporters are well aware that expecting anything from the corporation until it has been formally revealed is unwise (and even then, it is good to remain suspicious). While it makes sense to release additional Dota-related games, Valve will only do so when the stars align. After all, it has been sitting on the Half-Life franchise for well over a decade. And, as Artifact demonstrates, not all Valve games are guaranteed to be what fans desire. Let’s hope Valve doesn’t take too long to reveal the truth regarding Neon Prime.

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