Riot’s Controversial Decision: Valorant App Shut Down, Dividing Opinions Among Players

Riot Games, the developer of Valorant, has taken down the Recon Bolt app, a third-party app that has been a subject of contention among the game’s community. Recon Bolt provided various features, such as stat tracking, queue acceptance, viewing the item shop, and changing skins in real-time. However, its most controversial feature allowed players to instantly lock in their desired character before the selection even appeared on the PC client. This paywalled feature led to approximately 338,000 downloads since its launch in October of the previous year.

Julian Dunskus, the creator of Recon Bolt, confirmed its shutdown on the app’s Discord group after receiving a cease and desist order from Riot Games. The company threatened legal action if Dunskus did not comply with their request. Dunskus thanked the app’s fans for their support in response to the situation.