Riot Games Responds to Valorant's Port to Other Platforms

Riot Games Responds to Valorant’s Port to Other Platforms

Though it may take some time, Riot aims to release its first-person shooter, Valorant, to consoles as soon as possible. Even with all League of Legends players condemning the firm after losing a match, the company has grown. Riot’s use of high-quality trailers, graphics, and music, as well as its move into other media like the smash animated series Arcane, has been a successful formula, regardless of whether users agree with the company’s policies. Valorant has the bones of CS: GO, but the inclusion of champion abilities sets it apart. While there’s no knowing when it’ll happen, a console port is on the road.

Having been established in 2006, Riot Games debuted with the critically acclaimed League of Legends game in 2009. It had its own client and wasn’t accessible on any other until 2021 when it was launched on Steam and the Epic Games store. Valorant wasn’t manufactured until 2020, but it’s unclear if porting will take the same length of time this time.