Ring Retrofit Kit with 5-Piece Alarm Bundle

Ring Retrofit Kit with 5-Piece Alarm Bundle

Ring, a prominent player in the realm of home security and smart home solutions, captivates consumers with its extensive lineup of innovative security products. Bolstered by its affiliation with Amazon, its parent company, Ring has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its offerings from doorbells to encompass a comprehensive array of security cameras, smart lighting solutions, and comprehensive alarm security systems.

It has earned a reputation for delivering user-friendly, cost-effective, and DIY-oriented security systems.

For users already immersed in the Ring ecosystem, the seamlessness of integration among Ring products is readily apparent. While Ring may not boast the most robust security system on the market, its affordability and ease of installation make it an attractive choice for many.

To assist you in making an informed decision, let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of Ring’s offerings.


Easy setup 24*7 internet backup only if you opt for Ring Protect Pro
Smart alerts No touch panel on the keypad
Alexa integration No security cameras
Z-extender for wider security coverage


What Does the 5-piece Alarm Bundle Include?

With Ring’s Retrofit Kit, you can elevate the intelligence of your existing wired alarm setup. This kit acts as the bridge, seamlessly connecting your previously installed contact sensors to the Ring Alarm system. By incorporating the Retrofit kit alongside Ring’s alarm system, you gain access to an array of valuable components, including:

  1. Ring Alarm Base Station: The central hub of your Ring security setup, the Base Station serves as the nerve center, coordinating and monitoring all connected devices.
  2. Ring Alarm Keypad: The Keypad provides an intuitive interface for arming and disarming your security system, putting control at your fingertips.
  3. Motion Detector: A key component in your security arsenal, the Motion Detector detects movement within its designated area, triggering alerts when unusual activity is detected.
  4. Range Extender: The Range Extender amplifies the signal strength of your Ring devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout your home.
  5. Bonus Contact Sensor: Included as a bonus, the Contact Sensor enhances your security setup by alerting you to any unauthorized entry through monitored doors or windows.

In the forthcoming sections, we’ll delve into each of these components, exploring their functionalities and assessing how effectively they operate within the Ring security ecosystem. This comprehensive evaluation will help you gauge the value and performance of Ring’s Retrofit Kit and its associated elements.


Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit


Ring Retrofit Kit with 5-Piece Alarm Bundle


The versatility of the Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit extends to its capacity to connect with up to 8 of your existing wired contact sensor zones. Once these zones are seamlessly integrated, you gain access to the wireless capabilities of the Ring Alarm system, transforming your traditional wired setup into a modern and flexible security solution.

However, if your security needs extend beyond 8 contact sensors, Ring accommodates this by allowing you to install additional kits. This scalability ensures that you can expand your security coverage to encompass a greater number of zones, all while benefiting from the convenience and intelligence of the Ring ecosystem.

Furthermore, for scenarios where you have more than 8 zones but wish to consolidate them, you have the option of wiring multiple zones together in series. This arrangement enables you to combine these zones into a single zone within the kit, streamlining your security management.

The Ring Retrofit Kit’s adaptability proves especially advantageous when you have numerous doors and windows to monitor within a single zone. It efficiently covers multiple entry points, simplifying your security setup and offering comprehensive protection for your home.

In essence, the Ring Retrofit Alarm Kit provides a customizable and scalable solution that empowers you to tailor your security system to your specific requirements, making it a valuable addition to your home security arsenal.


Ring Alarm Base Station

The Ring Alarm Base Station serves as the central and indispensable component of your entire Ring security ecosystem. It’s not just a requirement; it’s the linchpin that enables the setup of your comprehensive security alarm system. This vital hub is responsible for maintaining the online connectivity of your Ring alarm system and ensuring seamless communication with all your connected devices.

One standout feature of the Base Station is its resilience during power outages. Even when confronted with an interruption in your power supply, your Ring alarm system remains operational, courtesy of a built-in battery backup that can sustain it for up to 24 hours. This uninterrupted power source ensures that your security system continues to protect your home during unforeseen electrical disruptions.

Furthermore, in the event of a Wi-Fi outage, the Base Station displays its adaptability by automatically switching to cellular coverage. This intelligent failover mechanism guarantees that your security system remains connected and operational, regardless of the status of your Wi-Fi network.

In summary, the Ring Alarm Base Station is the cornerstone of your Ring security infrastructure, providing essential functions such as online connectivity, power backup, and cellular failover to keep your home safe and secure. Its robust capabilities ensure that your security system operates seamlessly, even in adverse conditions.


Ring Alarm Keypad

The Ring Alarm Keypad offers versatility in its placement, allowing you to mount it on a flat surface or utilize it as a portable keypad. This multifunctional device grants you convenient control over your home’s alarm system, empowering you to manage security settings and arming/disarming procedures with ease.

It’s worth noting that the Ring Alarm Keypad employs physical buttons rather than a touch panel. While this means you’ll experience tactile feedback and hear clicking noises when interacting with it, this tactile nature can be reassuring for users who prefer the sensory confirmation of their actions.

Additionally, the keypad is equipped with a built-in speaker that plays a pivotal role in keeping you informed about the state of your alarm system. For instance, if your alarm is armed, the speaker will audibly confirm this status, providing you with audible feedback for added peace of mind.

One notable advantage of the Ring Alarm Keypad is its separation from the base station. This independence allows you to discreetly conceal the base station while placing the keypad in a more accessible location. This strategic placement not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also ensures that controlling your alarm system is both practical and inconspicuous.

In essence, the Ring Alarm Keypad combines tactile control, auditory feedback, and discreet placement options, making it an essential component for managing and monitoring your Ring security system effectively.


Motion Detector

Once you set up the motion detector, it detects any type of motion in the area it covers. However, you can’t keep this up and running when you’re home as it would set the alarm on if anyone crosses it.


Range Extender

You can set this up if you need more security coverage. It extends your Z-Wave signal from your base station to the other components.


Bonus Contact Sensor

You can set this up to know whenever a door or window is being opened. A great feature is that you can assign different tones for each door to know which one is being opened. The tones also have a pleasant sound, which is especially nice when you have children or pets.


Free Expedited Shipping

The shipping is free of cost. If you need the product urgently, you can opt for expedited shipping, again completely free of cost. While this works well, customers might receive a damaged or wrong product. But don’t worry, you can easily get it replaced.


Ring App to Control it All from Your Fingertips


Ring Retrofit Kit with 5-Piece Alarm Bundle


Once you get your package, one of the first things you must do is to download the Ring app. The app is responsive and works well with all of the Ring products. 

For instance, when your alarm goes off, you’ll receive a mobile alert with information about the sensor that’s been tripped, after which you’ll receive a call from a representative asking you for a safe word. If you are unable to tell them the safe word, they will dispatch a police officer. 

If you trip the alarm by mistake, you can reset the sensor quickly. You can arm and disarm the alarm remotely using your mobile app. It’s incredibly easy-to-use, intuitive, and user-friendly, so you’ll get used to the app in no time.


Easy Installation

The 5-piece kit requires no advanced expertise. With the wide range of tutorials available, you can easily install them as Ring also sends you everything you need to install the pieces. While this is easy, the retrofit kit is not as easy since it requires wiring experience. 

Although Ring recommends a professional to install the retrofit kit, anyone with little knowledge and research can install it themselves.


24*7 Support

Ring provides excellent customer support. If you sign up for the Ring Protect Pro, you’ll be assured of 24*7 professional monitoring with cellular backup. 

It also gives you Alexa Guard Plus, which allows you to access the emergency helpline with just your voice. You can even opt for a monthly plan; a long time commitment is not required. You can subscribe to it at $20 per month or $200 per year.


Ring’s 5-Piece Retrofit Kit: Is it Right for You?


Ring Retrofit Kit with 5-Piece Alarm Bundle


If you’re looking for an affordable alarm security system, this works perfectly fine. While this is not robust and very powerful, it’s definitely worth its price, beating out its competitors. It costs $319.99, and they offer several payment options, including the EMI, with no interest option. 

Even the professional monitoring price is affordable compared to its competitors. So, you can most definitely get your hands on this piece to keep your home secure without breaking your bank!