Revolutionizing Premium EV Audio: Warwick Acoustics’ Clean Sound

Eliminating Rare Earth Elements for a Greener Future

In the surging electric vehicle (EV) market, the integration of advanced audio systems has become a key focus, with high-end audio specialists eager to join the race. Warwick Acoustics is at the forefront, collaborating with several renowned car manufacturers to harness their electrostatic speaker expertise for EVs. However, Warwick Acoustics has more altruistic intentions, aiming to bring about a transformation by introducing their ‘Clean Sound’ technology and eliminating Rare Earth Elements (REEs) from vehicles, along with significantly reducing toxic waste generated in the mine-to-magnet process.

What exactly are Warwick Acoustics’ zero-REE ElectroAcoustic panels, and why should you consider them for your next EV? The pivotal term here is ‘Rare Earth Elements,’ including neodymium (commonly used in the magnets found in traditional dynamic hi-fi drivers within high-quality stereo speakers) and dysprosium. Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly motivated to phase out REEs from their products due to environmental concerns regarding the toxic waste produced in the entire supply chain, from mining to magnet production.


The permanent magnets present in electric vehicle motors are a prime target for REE reduction, with each motor housing approximately 500 grams of REEs. Surprisingly, up to 30% of the total REE content in a premium EV is attributed to the audio system. This is where Warwick Acoustics’ innovative, magnet-free ElectroAcoustic panels shine. They contain absolutely zero REEs and are crafted from 100% upcycled and recyclable materials by mass.