Revolutionary Fantasy Finance Platform to Fuel Crypto Literacy

Revolutionary Fantasy Finance Platform to Fuel Crypto Literacy


Fantasy finance is a new phenomenon in the crypto world. These contests took inspiration from fantasy sports. Instead of selecting players for your team, you pick tokens for your portfolio. If your portfolio performs better than others, you win.

Apart from being an exciting concept, fantasy tournaments are an excellent way to understand the crypto market risk-free. Keep reading to discover more about these contests and learn why they are so popular worldwide!

How Does a Fantasy Finance Platform Work?

Fantasy trading websites organize contests where you pick stocks or crypto coins based on available options or budget. You can adjust your selection until the competition starts. Once it begins, real-time market performance determines the success of each asset. If your portfolio is more successful than the opponent’s selection, you win.

StockBattle has organized over 1.5 million fantasy contests since its establishment in 2021. It now has over 510k users coming from various regions, including the USA, the Philippines, India, and more.