Returnal's free 'Ascension' update adds co-op and a survival mode

Returnal’s free ‘Ascension’ update adds co-op and a survival mode

Returnal’s upcoming 3.0 “Ascension” upgrade will include cooperative multiplayer and a new survivor mode dubbed “The Tower of Sisyphus,” developer Housemarque said during Sony’s latest State of Play Livestream.

The update is the game’s first big addition of new content. Last year’s 2.0 version prioritized delivering key quality-of-life enhancements, such as the long-requested ability to halt a run without losing progress and a photo mode.

Co-op is available solely online, with no split-screen option, which means you’ll need internet and a PlayStation Plus subscription to team up with a pal and attempt to survive Atropos’ homicidal riddles. Additionally, cooperative play will be unavailable in the game’s new Tower of Sisyphus region, the first-person “House” sequences, and challenge mode.

Meanwhile, The Tower of Sisyphus will provide players with a sequence of 20 increasingly challenging floors to struggle their way through – presumably with some new mysteries to uncover along the way.

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