Redfall Release Date Revealed via Xbox Insider

With a release date of “the first half” of 2023, Starfield is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly awaited movies of the year. With a Microsoft employee recently announcing that Redfall would be released before Starfield, a May release is possible, but there is no way of knowing for definite when these next games will be released until Microsoft confirms the exact dates. Both of these games might be postponed again, as supporters are well aware.

Although some could counter that such a claim isn’t of much weight since rumours and leaks are frequently either wholly false or, at best, educated guesses, correct information has certainly leaked in the game industry. Insiders in the sector, such as Klobrille, have a reputation for precisely teasing announcements, typically in a mysterious way to retain plausible deniability while letting their admirers and followers follow the trail of breadcrumbs. With the arrival of the new year, fans should find out more soon. According to a recent datamine, Redfall may potentially have a beta before its official release.