Redfall Leak Alleges Deluxe Edition for the Game

Redfall Leak Alleges Deluxe Edition for the Game

According to a new leak, Redfall will have a Deluxe Edition, and Microsoft is also upholding its word about raising game costs. The Redfall breach is exclusive to Europe, but these events will undoubtedly affect the US and the global economy as well.

Arkane Studios, renowned for famous games such as Prey and Dishonored, is behind Redfall. Redfall is Arkane’s first major Xbox platform exclusive release since the Microsoft purchase, therefore the game is garnering a lot of attention. The game will be an open-world FPS with the opportunity for players to join their pals in multiplayer playing or endure the adventure alone. Redfall is set in the town of Redfall, Massachusetts, where the player must combat an army of vampires who have shut out the light and taken the town and its citizens captive.

The leak comes from Twitter user BillbilKun, who has a reputation for providing accurate leaks. According to the article, Redfall will cost €79.99, with the Deluxe Edition costing an additional €29.99 – all of these costs are believed to be for the Xbox Series X edition alone. The only fresh information in all of this is the availability of a Deluxe Edition, which will most likely cost approximately $90. This follows last year’s announcement that Microsoft will raise its rates by $10. Redfall will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on its release date.



No more information has been provided on the precise contents of the Deluxe Edition. Based on the content of previous co-op FPS games, a Deluxe Edition might include new weapons and skins. However, while a specific release date is not yet known beyond the fact that Redfall is expected to be released in the first half of 2023, there is still time for Microsoft to publish those details, allowing fans the chance to determine whether the material will be worth the additional money.

Arkane Studios has consistently delivered high-quality games, so the faith is understandable. Redfall, on the other hand, deviates from the kind of format players anticipate from Arkane Studios by presenting an open-world FPS with the possibility of multiplayer gameplay. Arkane Studios’ website still promises a story-driven game while preserving its characteristic gameplay, but only time will tell whether it is a success.