Red Bull's dominant start to the season gives hope to rival teams

Red Bull’s dominant start to the season gives hope to rival teams

Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull Racing, has dismissed the notion of his team winning all 22 races in this year’s Formula 1 season. Despite Red Bull’s dominant start to the championship, with five consecutive victories, Horner maintains a cautious approach, emphasizing the challenges posed by factors such as race conditions, reliability, strategy, and luck. While Red Bull has showcased impressive performance with their RB19 car, Horner believes that winning every race is unimaginable given the unpredictable nature of the sport.

Taking It One Race at a Time

Red Bull’s exceptional start to the season, including four 1-2 finishes, has fueled speculation about their potential to achieve a clean sweep. However, Horner refutes the notion and stresses the long road ahead, consisting of 23 races that include street circuits and unpredictable weather conditions. In an interview with the Financial Times, conducted before the cancellation of the Imola race, Horner highlighted the multitude of variables that make winning all races highly unlikely. He emphasizes the team’s focus on maintaining their strong performance race by race, rather than fixating on an unprecedented clean sweep.