Red Bull's dominance 'killing' F1, says Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz

Red Bull’s dominance ‘killing’ F1, says Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz

As Formula 1 returns to the venue of Ferrari’s last victory this weekend, Carlos Sainz, the Spanish driver for Scuderia Ferrari, acknowledges the ongoing dominance of Red Bull Racing. Red Bull has secured almost all the race wins since Sainz’s maiden Formula 1 victory at the British Grand Prix in July last year. Their only defeat came at the hands of Mercedes driver George Russell’s triumph at Interlagos.

Sainz admits that Ferrari, too, has fallen behind the pace, as the team has struggled to keep up with the relentless performance of Red Bull. While Ferrari began the previous season on equal terms with their rivals, the start of the 2023 campaign has shown a significant gap between Red Bull’s RB19 and the rest of the field. Ferrari, along with other teams, is working tirelessly to close the gap and challenge the dominant Red Bull team, which has claimed victory in all eight races so far this season.