Red Bull Sets Firm Directive for AlphaTauri's F1 2024 Rebrand

Red Bull Sets Firm Directive for AlphaTauri’s F1 2024 Rebrand

Helmut Marko Orders Alignment Between Sister Teams After Performance Discrepancy

The impending changes for AlphaTauri extend beyond their operational structure. While a potential move to the UK is reportedly off the table, the team is undergoing a significant transformation, including a shift in team personnel with Laurent Mekies joining alongside CEO Peter Bayer. Moreover, the team’s name, currently shared with Red Bull’s clothing brand, is also slated for change, with Hugo Boss rumored to be a leading contender as a title sponsor.

Marko’s vision for AlphaTauri’s evolution encompasses a strategic and operational convergence. He stated, “There is a very clear instruction. Everything that is permitted by the regulations must be adapted by AlphaTauri. No more in-house constructions, no more peculiarities in Faenza. The synergies are to be used as best as possible.”