Red Bull Sets Firm Directive for AlphaTauri's F1 2024 Rebrand

Red Bull Sets Firm Directive for AlphaTauri’s F1 2024 Rebrand

Helmut Marko Orders Alignment Between Sister Teams After Performance Discrepancy

Red Bull’s motorsport advisor, Helmut Marko, has issued a resolute directive to AlphaTauri as the teams prepare for their F1 2024 rebrand. The distinctive relationship between the two teams, both owned by Red Bull, has led to a unique dynamic in Formula 1. While Red Bull Racing has enjoyed dominant performances in the current championship, AlphaTauri has struggled, prompting Marko to address the need for alignment and synergy.

The shared ownership of Red Bull and AlphaTauri makes their differing performance trajectories noteworthy. Over the years, AlphaTauri has gradually distanced itself from its English counterpart, failing to fully leverage the copying allowances that Formula 1 teams are permitted. This divergence has led to disparities in performance and strategy.