Ram's ProMaster EV Hits the Road: A Zero-Emissions Work Van with Exceptional Cargo Space

Ram’s ProMaster EV Hits the Road: A Zero-Emissions Work Van with Exceptional Cargo Space

Businesses seeking an electric work van now have a compelling new option from Ram called the ProMaster EV. Offering ample cargo space and range, it aims to electrify delivery and service fleets.

“We designed the ProMaster EV to handle companies’ daily commercial needs while operating quietly and emission-free,” said Mike Koval Jr., Head of Ram Brand.

Two trim levels will be available initially – the Delivery model featuring a roll-up rear door, and the forthcoming Cargo variant with conventional swing-open back doors. Both can haul over a ton of equipment.

Power comes from a 268 hp electric motor driving the front wheels, while a 110 kWh battery pack delivers an estimated 162 miles per charge in city conditions. DC fast charging enables topping off quickly on the go when needed.

But the ProMaster EV’s key advantage is its cavernous interior. With a high roof option and over 500 cubic feet of total volume, it beats chief competitors from Ford and Mercedes-Benz for maximum cargo capacity.

“Whether carrying tools, packages, or equipment, owners gain zero-emissions along with best-in-class storage room,” Koval said.

The ProMaster EV is Ram’s opening salvo in a coming wave of electric work vehicles. As more municipalities and corporations adopt sustainability initiatives, demand increases for capable EVs that can handle tough daily use.

“Electrifying our commercial lineup is an important next step in reducing our industry’s environmental impact,” added Koval.

So businesses wanting to add zero-emissions capabilities can now order Ram’s new offering – the highest capacity electric van available today. Together with forthcoming models from other brands, it ushers in an era enabling companies to achieve ambitious green targets without compromising everyday utility.