Google Chrome's Latest Update Empowers Users with Enhanced Website Privacy Controls

Google Chrome’s Latest Update Empowers Users with Enhanced Website Privacy Controls

Google Chrome for Android looks to get a handy privacy upgrade in an upcoming update. Currently being tested, it would give users tighter control over what personal data websites can access on their device – bringing browser permissions more in line with individual apps.

As reported by Android Police, the latest early version of Chrome now shows alerts when a site tries getting at your location, camera, files, or other sensitive information. Just like with app permissions, you’ll have the option to block or allow access either one time only or permanently.

So for instance if a site unexpectedly asks to ping your location out of the blue, you can easily deny it – rather than having to dig into complicated global browser settings.

Assuming it reaches general release down the road, this added layer of security and transparency seems helpful. We all likely have some go-to sites we implicitly trust, while being wary of random clicks leading who-knows-where. This allows tailoring permissions to trust levels on a site-specific basis.

Of course excessive popups could also become annoying if it happens too often. But overall, the concept feels like an intuitive way to balance convenience and privacy as our digital and physical worlds intersect more.

Like many early-stage features, no word yet on if/when the website permission controls might leave testing and roll out. But it does continue an encouraging focus from Google to put users – not just data – at the heart of Chrome’s ongoing evolution.

Between this and other thoughtful touches like safer browsing alerts, Chrome remains a frontrunner in balancing innovation with thoughtfulness around privacy. And improvements like this will only make it more approachable for newcomers, while keeping power users in the know.