Ramattra, a new tank hero in Overwatch 2, has been revealed

Ramattra, a new tank hero in Overwatch 2, has been revealed

Blizzard has finally confirmed the next tank heading to Overwatch 2 with the introduction of Ramattra, as hinted earlier this week. The character’s official origin video, as well as a post on Blizzard’s Overwatch blog, provide additional information about the hero, who was originally featured at the conclusion of the Overwatch “Storm Rising” event. Ramattra, the head of Null Sector, the Omnic terrorist organisation that was pivotal to the “Uprising” event in 2017, will be available as a playable tank in Overwatch 2 when season two starts on December 6th.

Ramattra’s tale shows him to be a soldier who leads his fellow Omnic warriors into combat. In the intervening years, he seems to have joined the Shambali and studied the Iris teachings in Nepal with Zenyatta. Peace was never an option for Ramattra, whose desire to keep his people alive drove him to battle. “Ramattra’s narrative is one of the trials, pain, and a magnified vision of humanity’s brutal reality,” writes Blizzard.



Blizzard has not released any information regarding Ramattra’s kit, move set, or abilities. With roughly a month before the next season of the now-free-to-play game, fresh information about Ramattra is expected to emerge in the coming weeks.

It should be noted, though, that whatever the character is capable of, it will almost probably come with something a little overpowering. Overwatch 2 fans may remember that when Junker Queen first appeared in the game’s beta, her kit made her an immediate choice for all tanks, necessitating nerfs and modifications before to the game’s release. Blizzard is also continually working on new game balancing for the title as it evolves.

“As the season starts, each season will also see dramatic hero balance updates to support our aim of consistently balancing the game and keeping the live service feeling dynamic,” Blizzard previously said in a blog post. “This implies that new seasons will feel more unique and distinctive, with the balance shifting dramatically as we go to the next season. We are also ready to make more balance tweaks throughout a season if the need arises to manage hero balance and strength while keeping our game feeling fair and exciting.”

Ramattra will be available in Overwatch 2 on December 6th, along with a plethora of new balancing tweaks that will undoubtedly spark debate.

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