Polygon Announces on QuickSwap’s Hit Show That They Are Offering Grants To Developers That Build On It!

Polygon has announced that it will start offering grants to developers that are building dApps for the Polygon blockchain ecosystem. The goal of the new policy is to stimulate developers’ interest in the Polygon zkEVM platform and increase the number of decentralized apps available on it — thereby making it more attractive to prospective users and to help developers get their projects completed and launched sooner.

The decision was announced during “All Roads Lead To Polygon” (ARLTP) – A massively popular podcast hosted by QuickSwap. Distribution of the new zkEVM grants will be overseen by Polygon’s Community Treasury Board (CTB). The CTB is run by 5 experts who approve expenditure, handle reporting, manage allocations, and review grant applications. 

Developers who are interested in Polygon Village grants can already submit applications for those via the Polygon Village Interest form. The All Roads Lead To Polygon podcast was joined by several industry famous guests including former SEC attorney Alex Damsker, Brave’s VP of operations Luke Mulker, CryptoPolitan, Rogue Bunnies, and members of the Polygon team.

QuickSwap has recently announced it will be rebranding their massively successful podcast “All Roads Lead to Polygon” into “The Aggregated”.  The Crypto community is eager to see if the show is as massively successful and as well received as their previous.