Poly Sync 20 Review

At $199.95/£202.95 from Poly or $144.24/£138.77 from Amazon, the Poly Sync 20+ is significantly more expensive.

Regardless of which package you choose, you’ll receive a speakerphone, a handy carry bag, and a lanyard. When purchasing the Sync 20+, you will also receive the BT600 Bluetooth dongle.

In Conclusion

In spite of the Poly Sync 20’s usefulness for those who want to work or attend meetings without their headsets on, it is difficult to suggest this gadget to a broader audience because of its lack of adaptability.

The Sync 20’s audio and microphone quality are adequate for video conferencing, but it doesn’t fare well when it comes to music playback. In spite of its sleek design and compact size, the speakerphone suffers from a few annoyances that detract from the overall experience.

The Sync 20, on the other hand, can’t be faulted for not living up to its main claims. If you only need a modest and reasonably priced speakerphone for your home office, there are worse options.