Pokémon Sleep: The Sleep-Tracking App That Will Reward You for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Pokémon Sleep: The Sleep-Tracking App That Will Reward You for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

The app incorporates robust sleep-tracking capabilities, leveraging the microphone and accelerometer sensors on users’ smartphones to monitor movements, detect snoring, and assess overall sleep quality. Individual sleep styles appear to influence the Pokémon that pay a visit. For example, a night filled with tossing and turning may prompt Togepi to bestow its “Rocking Sleep” style, while snoring could result in Jigglypuff serenading users with its signature “Singing Sleep” style. The Pokémon Company has not disclosed which Pokémon might appear if users spend the night idly staring at their phones surrounded by potato chips, nor have they clarified the reasons behind the protracted development time for the sleep tracker.

Despite its intriguing features, Pokémon Sleep operates as a standalone application and does not integrate with other fitness or sleep tracking apps. However, it does offer compatibility with the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet, enabling users to initiate sleep tracking by simply pressing a button on the device. Furthermore, employing the bracelet enhances the likelihood of encountering a rare nightcap-wearing Pikachu during the gameplay experience. The Pokémon Go Plus bracelet can be purchased for approximately $30, while the forthcoming Pokémon Sleep app will be available to users free of charge.

As the release date approaches, Pokémon enthusiasts and sleep-conscious individuals alike eagerly anticipate the arrival of Pokémon Sleep. This unique fusion of technology, gaming, and sleep tracking holds the potential to revolutionize how people engage with their sleep patterns while immersing themselves in the captivating world of Pokémon.