Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Survey Reveals Japan's Most Popular Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Survey Reveals Japan’s Most Popular Pokemon

A Japanese gaming media website collected data on which Pokemon gamers are loving the most in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet so far. Despite the fact that the game was only just released, it has already taken the gaming world by storm. Many fans think the new Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are fantastic, however other gamers favour earlier designs.

When it comes to Pokemon, everyone has their particular favourites; this might be a Pokemon that has been around for a long time, or it could be a Pokemon from this generation. The Terastallizing ability in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet opens up a world of possibilities. Pokemon that were previously unviable are now stronger than ever thanks to their ability to adapt to their Tera-type, making it easier for certain underdogs to flourish at long last.