PlayStation Issues Ban on IShowSpeed

PlayStation Issues Ban on IShowSpeed

Popular streamer IShowSpeed, known for his loud and animated reactions, recently found himself banned from PlayStation Network (PSN) through no fault of his own. During a January livestream, the 18-year-old opened an email saying his PlayStation account had been temporarily suspended for inappropriate behavior in LittleBigPlanet, a game he claimed to have never heard of.

After a typically explosive reaction, IShowSpeed did some investigating and discovered his younger brother Dian was the culprit. Dian had allegedly been using IShowSpeed’s PSN credentials to access games on his own PlayStation. When questioned directly on the stream, Dian admitted to uploading a custom sticker in LittleBigPlanet that violated Sony’s terms and resulted in a 3-day ban.




This enraged IShowSpeed further. “Why are you using my account in the first place?” he yelled at his brother. Dian claimed he didn’t actually have his own PSN profile to use. For the famously temperamental streamer, this excuse didn’t fly. He berated Dian for compromising the security of his account just to play a game.

By the time IShowSpeed finished lecturing his brother, Sony had already overturned the brief suspension. But the incident highlighted issues around PSN account sharing. PlayStation explicitly prohibits sharing login credentials in its terms of service. Doing so leaves users vulnerable to bans or lost access if the borrower misbehaves.

For rambunctious online personalities like IShowSpeed though, controversy spurts generate clicks and views. What seemed a nightmare for the streamer at first will likely become fodder for future antics and outbursts to entertain his over 22 million YouTube subscribers. Still, IShowSpeed may think twice before letting Dian sneak onto his PlayStation again anytime soon.