Playgo BH70 Headphones Review

Playgo BH70 Headphones Review

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Wireless headphones are now slowly replacing their conventional wired counterparts with mainstream tech companies now focussing their attention on developing their wireless portfolios.

Playgo has recently launched its new BH70 wireless headphone to slow right into the affordable wireless headphones category. While the competition is piling up as the days go by, it is still an early phase, and this may just play to Playgo’s favor.

The Playgo BH70 wireless headphones have all the standard features that you would expect in a pair of headphones. Noise cancellation, comfortable fit, good built, and great packaging. But when you co-relate these features to the corresponding price tag of the product, you can start drawing comparisons between the Playgo BH70 and its competitors.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Playgo BH70 Wireless Headphones.


The Playgo BH70 wireless headphone features a very regular-looking design. This is something you would find in a base-level Sony or Sennheiser headset, and frankly, it’s not a bad thing. The price point has obviously limited the options for Playgo, and they have chosen to go for a more tried and tested design than do something ambitious. What lets this headset down is its build quality.

The whole of the Playgo BH70 headset is made out of plastic and the cushioning is sub-par at best. There are some control buttons on the side of the headset, but the quality could have been a lot better. There are cheaper alternatives in the market that have better build and controls.

Coming to the controls, we have five of them on the Playgo BH70. The arrangement is two control buttons on the left-hand side and three on the right. We have one control button for the power and one for the active noise cancellation on the left-hand side.

On the right-hand side, we have two buttons for volume control and the last button acts as the playback button.

The button feedback is not the best, but it works. The packaging mimics that of the high-end Sony Bluetooth headsets, and while the quality is worlds apart, it’s a nice touch owing to the aggressive price point.

The cushioning was not the best thing to look at but the experience is not so bad. the fit is snug and gives you a good level of noise cancellation. The Playgo BH70 headset charges via a USB Type C cable which is bundled in the box.

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Coming to the endurance features, the PlaygoBH70 is IPX4 rated, which means the headset is waterproof and will survive an accidental dip in the water.

Overall, the Playgo BH70 gives you a very economic package with the bare minimum aspects in terms of design. It is not bad, but at the same time, nothing special.


The Playgo BH70 features Bluetooth 5 connectivity, which makes it easy to pair with all the gadgets in the current and older generations. Pairing to an iOS. Android, macOS, or Windows device is a breeze and the connection is pretty much flawless, as is expected of a BlueTooth headset.

The inclusion of a Qualcomm QCC Bluetooth chip makes it possible for the BH70 to support the aptX low-latency codec. The sound quality on the Playgo BH70 is its biggest talking point. The headset features an AI-based sound optimization feature that continuously adjusts the sound effects of the music or content that is playing on your device. This is extremely useful when you are listening to varying types of music back to back. The interplay between the left and right sides of the headset really brings the whole song to life and you get a truly immersive experience. Noise cancellation on the Playgo BH70 is effective but not a hundred percent impactful. I would have loved to see Playgo prioritize noise cancellation because that is usually the decision when you are choosing between several brands.

Call quality on the Playgo BH70 is great and you get a very good output 95% of the time. The transparency mode is great and while the surrounding sounds maybe a little chirpy, they do not impede on your calls.

Battery Life

Finally, coming to the battery life, the Playgo BH70 features a robust battery that lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge. this is great for outdoor use or even when you are traveling. Charging with the USB Type C cable makes it easy to quickly get the headset back to full charge in a flash.


All in all, for a cut pricer of 899 AED, the Playgo BH70 is a great pick for an economic wireless headset. The design may be on the ordinary side, but the sound quality, noise cancellation, and transparent mode do a great job of compensating for the lack of build and aesthetics. A must-buy if you are looking for a dependable wireless headset on a budget.

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