Philips' New Monitor with E-Ink Sidekick Reduces Eyestrain

Philips’ New Monitor with E-Ink Sidekick Reduces Eyestrain

Philips highlights the inclusion of the ePaper display as a means to reduce eye strain, a common issue faced by individuals spending prolonged periods in front of a computer screen. Although taking frequent breaks is recommended, it may not always be feasible when there’s a heavy workload. The ePaper screen serves as a dedicated space for reading lengthy documents or displaying essential information. To access these documents, users can utilize Philips’ proprietary SmartRemote software to drag and drop files from the larger display to the smaller one.

Notable features of the Dual Screen Display include anti-glare properties with no blue light emission for enhanced eye protection. The monitor also comes with a built-in front light to ensure comfortable viewing. Additionally, the ePaper screen can be adjusted inward up to 45 degrees, allowing users to achieve an optimal viewing angle. However, it’s important to note that the ePaper screen has inherent limitations found in eReaders, such as slower performance and grayscale text, with no color support.