OSKAR: Wireless TV Speaker for People with Hearing Loss

OSKAR: Wireless TV Speaker for People with Hearing Loss

Faller, a new brand from renowned German audio specialist sonoro, has introduced its wireless speaker OSKAR with a specific aim: to address the issue of hearing difficulty during TV viewing. Inspired by his father’s struggle to hear dialogues clearly while watching TV with the family, founder Marcell Faller set out to create a solution, resulting in the development of the OSKAR wireless TV speech amplifier.

The OSKAR speaker system was designed and developed in Germany, with a focus on enhancing the TV viewing experience for individuals with hearing impairments. The device aims to provide clearer speech reproduction, ensuring that important dialogues and whispers can be heard even amidst loud background noise or dramatic scenes.

With the increasing prevalence of immersive entertainment experiences, such as watching movies like Dune in anticipation of Dune 2, it becomes crucial for individuals with hearing difficulties to have access to technologies that can overcome audio challenges and enable them to fully enjoy the content.

The OSKAR wireless TV speech amplifier, now available for purchase, offers a solution to this real-world issue. It is priced at £259/€269 in the UK and Europe, and can be directly purchased from faller’s official website, as well as from retailers like Amazon and selected TV and audio retailers. While the official availability and pricing for other regions such as the US and Australia are yet to be confirmed, potential customers can expect the device to be priced around $325 or AU$480.

By addressing the problem of hearing difficulty during TV viewing, faller’s OSKAR wireless speaker system aims to create a more inclusive entertainment experience for individuals with hearing impairments and their families. With its launch, faller sets out to offer a solution that not only enhances audio clarity but also allows everyone to enjoy movies, TV shows, and other media without missing out on important dialogues or moments.

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