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Philips Hue Introduces Dymera Wall Lights with Dual-Beam Illumination

Dymera Wall Lights Cast Dual Beams for Outdoor Brilliance

Smart lighting leader Philips Hue has unveiled a slew of new products to help make your home brighter and more stylish. The highlight is a cool new outdoor light called Dymera that shoots light both upward and downward, allowing you to illuminate, highlight or set a mood for your home’s exterior.

Featuring an understated black design, the $220 Dymera has dual individually-controllable beams so you can pick custom colors and brightness levels for each. There are built-in scenes in the Philips Hue app to makecoordinating the lights easy. Available February 27th, these lights seem ideal for patios, walkways and highlighting architectural details.

For inside your home, Philips Hue created a new $50 pendant cord designed specifically for its charming filament bulbs. Suspended above a dining room table or kitchen island, the two-tone cable and vintage-style bulbs make for serious designer cred. The cord comes in black or white and two sizes to match your space.


Philips Hue


The company also has new Perifo rail light connectors coming in April for $35. One shapes your lighting track into a T, spreading light in three directions, while the other offers a flexible rail that lets you curve around corners for truly custom tracks.

In other news, Philips Hue added black and white options for its Being LED ceiling light and three new colors of its popular portable Go table lamp. And for home security nuts, its Hue Secure starter kit and Hue floodlight camera are now readily available.

Finally, in the first half of 2024, expect a security upgrade for the Hue app itself, with push notifications, sound/light alarms and voice assistant integration. Philips Hue may have started with simple colored bulbs, but they keep finding new ways to shed smart light on your life!