Boss Launches VE-22, the Ultimate Effects Pedal for Singers

Boss Launches VE-22, the Ultimate Effects Pedal for Singers

A Game-Changing Effects Pedal Amplifying Singers to New Heights

I’ll be the first to admit – my singing voice resembles a retirement home karaoke night. And yet, you can’t get me off the stage! While nothing can magically transform my screeching vocals, Boss’ new VE-22 Vocal Performer pedal might make me slightly less unbearable to hear.

Unveiled at NAMM 2024, the VE-22 adds some pitch correction and hefty effects to vocals entered via the rear XLR input. There’s even phantom power in case you need it for a condenser mic. Dual outputs allow stereo, mono, or wet/dry signals. There’s also an aux input to sing along to tracks.

Navigating the decently-sized color screen, you can dial in subtle tweaks or go crazy with effects. We’re talking 39 total effects like EQ, compression, pitch correction, harmonies – the works. 50 presets are built-in, with 99 more slots for your own concoctions. Attach an expression pedal to dynamically control parameters as you wail.


Boss VE-22


So maybe I’ll never be Mariah Carey – but this thing can potentially make my local bar patrons slightly less likely to chuck beer bottles at me on amateur night. Especially with the 37-second looper to overlay harmonies and practice. No MIDI though, oddly.

Around back there’s USB-C for recording and playback from phones/computers. Power-wise, an AC adapter is sold separately (lame), but four AA batteries will also get you 6-9 hours of use if you’re going wireless.

The VE-22 Vocal Performer is available now for $350. I’ll likely grab the $70 carrying case too to tote it and a mic to my next cringe-worthy gig! Even if I don’t sound better, at least I’ll look the part of a real vocalist!