Participate in Microsoft App developer competition and win a trip to TechED Europe.

Participate in Microsoft App developer competition and win a trip to TechED Europe.

The need for competition

When you have so many people all around who are using tools and software to create apps that will be really helpful then why not provide them a platform that will showcase their talent. When there is competition that automatically means there will be awards too. Mostly the awards in this scenario are something related to the development of their skill like attending some workshop or some short course of developing professional apps. The competition helps in picking up the best talent and helping them grow in the field that they really want. Making people aware that what they thought is fun to do can be done seriously and for that they can also take some formal training. App development is a serious business and though some do it for fun, but at the end of the day when people will start recognizing the talent then he will definitely take it seriously.

Taking part in the app development competition

These kinds of app development competition are held all over the world and it is almost impossible for you to attend all the competition, but when it allows participants to submit their apps online then it everything becomes much easier. When you are organizing competitions like these then you are also getting more media attention that will help you get more sponsors which will in turn affect the award. So, if you are one of the tech geeks who love to explore things and make new stuff out of nowhere, then you must participate in the app development contests and try your luck in there.

Each competition has its own way of selecting a winner. Some rope in celebrity judges to make the contestants feel how important the competition is and some dishes out lucrative rewards for everybody who will participate. The winner of app developing competition is mostly selected by the judges and also through popular choice. If your app gets the most number of traffic and has the highest download rates, then you will get an upper hand in the competition. When this will be added to the panel of experts’ opinions, then you will get a clear winner.  Apart from the main winner there are several other categories too, that is mainly created to encourage the app developers community.

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Why participate in this kind of competition ?

An App developing job is a high paid job and if you think you have the talent in you then why not try your luck out there and create a profession out of it. There are not many who are getting paid for doing what they like the most! So, if you can become one of them, then why lose the chance! Apart from securing your future as far as profession goes when you appear in some competition like these then the cash money or the reward that they offer are very lucrative and you won’t be able to refuse it. If not, the main winner then also you have, the chances to win several other prizes which are there in different categories.

It is about developing apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. The competition will give you the basic outline and accordingly you will have to prepare the app which you will have to submit within the deadline. Then if you are selected as the winner then you will be the lucky one to fly to TechEd in Europe to fulfill all your dreams.

4 simple steps to enter this challenge:
  1. Develop an application on each of the platforms – Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8
  2. Publish your applications to the Windows Store
  3. Promote your applications so you get as many downloads as you can
  4. Direct message us the URL of the applications, a snapshot of the downloads from the developer dashboard and a copy of your ID on facebook

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