Overwatch 2's Tracer Over Damage Bug Will Not Be Disabled

Overwatch 2’s Tracer Over Damage Bug Will Not Be Disabled

The tracer will not be deleted from Blizzard’s free-to-play shooter Overwatch 2 after users discovered a significant flaw with her damage fall-off, according to the game director. Last month, Blizzard temporarily withdrew fellow heroes Bastion and Torbjorn, as well as the map Junkertown, from Overwatch 2 to address exploits and balance concerns with the characters and map.

Despite being one of the year’s most anticipated games after the continued success of its 2016 predecessor, Overwatch 2 has been the focus of fan outrage since its launch due to a range of technical and gameplay concerns. Many fans of the first game have expressed their dissatisfaction with the free-to-play sequel, citing issues ranging from imbalanced characters to the need for years of gaming and thousands of dollars to acquire all of Overwatch 2’s cosmetics. For gamers who have already been dissatisfied with Blizzard’s response to the game’s numerous issues, the Tracer glitch may appear to be simply another symptom of a broader problem.