Overwatch 2 Weapon Charms Have No Effect on Hero X - Here's Why

Overwatch 2 Weapon Charms Have No Effect on Hero X – Here’s Why

Overwatch 2’s weapon charms have been a touch hit-or-miss with gamers since one hero dubbed Wrecking Ball cannot even benefit from this element of customisation. Though Overwatch’s hero skins were plentiful in the previous title, Blizzard Entertainment has opted to place an even greater focus on player personalization in the sequel. While removing loot boxes has made cosmetics almost hard to get without paying real money, their quality meets the high standards that gamers have come to expect from Blizzard.

Blizzard enhanced the personalization choices in Overwatch 2 by introducing weapon charms. Still, since the game is essentially a fast-paced first-person hero shooter, players don’t really have the opportunity to halt, analyse, and enjoy the weapon charms in the midst of a battle. Prior to the game’s release, Overwatch fans were led to believe that they could preview weapons in-depth and scrutinise their dangly embellishments, however, this feature was never included. In Overwatch 2, weapon charms may only be viewed during their selection screen in the menu and during a match.

However, Wrecking Ball, or Hammond as Winston calls him, doesn’t have much use for them, since the UI in Overwatch 2 completely obscures his weapon charms. WilliamSorry, who seems to be a Wrecking Ball major, brought the issue to the notice of the official Overwatch 2 subreddit. While one would ask why it took so long for Wrecking Ball fans to identify such an obvious flaw, there aren’t many players who can play the Junker Queen’s former bodyguard in the current meta. If there’s one tank that needs some love from the Overwatch 2 creators in Season 3, it’s certainly Hammond.

Finally, the issue with weapon charms isn’t limited to Wrecking Ball; in Overwatch 2, heroes like Moira and Sigma have their weapon charms actually linked to their bodies, and many fans would say that it looks just as ludicrous as it sounds. While Blizzard can’t do much with these decorations in unique circumstances like Sigma, many cynical Overwatch players feel they were just included as cosmetics bloat for Overwatch 2’s contentious battle pass system.

While one may debate whether weapon charms are worth the bother for years, their presence in Overwatch 2 is a net win. More aesthetic choices are almost never a bad thing, and considering the relative simplicity of weapon charms, it’s probable that they don’t need a lot of programming resources, to begin with.