Over 25 million PS5s have been sold by Sony to date

Over 25 million PS5s have been sold by Sony to date

Sony reported selling 3.3 million PlayStation 5s this quarter, exactly matching what it accomplished last year, bringing the total number of consoles sold since launch to 25 million, according to its most recent earnings report. The 18 million PS5 sales target for the fiscal year 2022 will not be met with its current quarter’s performance, nevertheless. At this point in the fiscal year, which ends on March 31st, sales are at 5.7 million, which is also almost on par with 2021. (5.6 million).

Even though the same number of PS5s were sold, revenue increased significantly over the previous year (12%) to 727 billion yen ($4.92 billion), in part due to a price rise for the PS5 earlier this year. However, as a result of the business’s recent acquisition of Bungie and rising game developer costs, profit was down by 49%. 

Sony sold 11.5 million consoles in 2018, so 2022 sales are likely to be close to that number. But a lot depends on how well the company does during the holidays and whether it can keep up with demand. Due to the pandemic and other problems, the PS5 has had that issue ever since it was released. As supply chain problems improve, Sony claimed in May that it will finally be able to increase production to fulfill PS5 demand. Although it hasn’t provided any data in that regard, anecdotal evidence suggests that the console has been simpler to locate recently.

Software sales, meanwhile, decreased from 76.4 million units at this time last year to 62.5 million units today. A marginal increase from the previous year, 63 percent of that came from digital downloads. The number of PlayStation Plus subscribers fell for the second straight quarter. 

Sony has decreased its revenue forecast for the upcoming quarter in response to anticipated declines in first-party game sales. It is optimistic about the following fiscal year, though, and plans to ship 23 million PS5 machines during that time. It’s also interesting to note that it still anticipates selling 18 million devices by the end of the fiscal year (March 2023), suggesting that it still has some tricks up its sleeve.

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