The Chinese electronic company has introduced a new model OPPO X 2021. The highlight of the device is that the phone can literally expand its screen. Now the user will be able to see more detailed images, watch football matches on a widescreen, or find out more about Playamo and play almost full-size virtual roulette. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a closer look at the presentation of the new model and how to enlarge that famous screen.


The display of the device can expand from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches. This feature is possible on a smartphone thanks to a number of new mechanisms inside the device. The device uses mechanisms such as a roller drive transmission, a 2-in-1 plate, and a proprietary high-strength laminate screen. All of this is considered by OPPO to be a personal achievement. It is with the help of these mechanisms that the user can, depending on his needs, change the shape of the screen at any time.


The company’s goal was to make the phone as flexible and durable as possible. If in the past, phones could bend in half, slide out and slide up, the new OPPO X 2021 can literally be pulled out like rubber. Under such operating conditions, the screen quickly adjusts to the movement, and quickly and takes the desired shape without problems. In addition to being flexible enough, the device is also quite sturdy and reliable, even though the thinnest part of a smartphone is 0.1 mm. When creating a model of the device, the company used high-strength metal, which is comparable in its stability to the tracks of a tank. It’s better not to check this in practice, but if the manufacturers actually say so, then you should believe them.

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The company also announced that on its new model, they had used ultra-sensitive sensors that help the phone as smoothly as possible and adapt the screen to movements.


And now a little about the device’s appearance. Due to new technologies used in the phone, this model has become an order of magnitude wider and thicker, and now instead of the usual 8 millimeters, we have a phone with about 9-10 millimeters. The phone has a standard headphone jack and charger. And also the usual three cameras and a flash. The camera on OPPO X 2021 offers a 108MP. The operating system of the phone is Android.


There is another advantage in the phone that has not been given enough attention – the ability to support 5G. The speed of the Internet on the device will be much higher than on any other if of course there is 5G in your city. Another plus that concerns mobile communications is the support for two SIM cards.


Well, now a little about the cons. Most likely, you will not be able to fit the device in a caseor stick a protective glass. We hope that by the time of sales, which will take place in June 2021, the company will resolve this issue.