Opportunity is set to unveil their Reno2 series for the UAE market in Dubai on October 23rd, promising to redefine the limits of users’ creativity. The company claims that the Reno2 series will take a bold and huge step forward in the field of mobile photography.

Oppo set to unveil the new Quadcam Reno2 series

OPPO has pioneered several industry breakthrough technologies and believes in making premium technology more accessible for consumers. The OPPO Reno2 Series goes a step further than Reno Series introduced earlier this year and will be the first-ever OPPO handset to feature a quad-camera setup. 

The device will feature the new Ultra Dark Mode, which will allow users to enjoy ultra-clear night shots while capturing details that may be invisible to the human eyes. This feature will be accompanied by the Ultra Steady video mode. This will bring ‘action camera’ level exceptionally clear and smooth video.

OPPO believes that there is a different Reno for every user. That is, the original OPPO Reno Series gave free rein to users’ imaginations, empowering them to break through creative barriers. Reno defies definition, as every user will have their own unique Reno experience. OPPO also teamed up with artists from around the world to share Reno’s potential, revealing the playful, imaginative spirit that drives the Reno ethos.

With the Reno2 Series, Oppo seeks to motivate users to get rid of the cliched photography techniques and take a more fresh, thought-provoking approach to camerawork. 

OPPO will unveil the Reno2 Series in the UAE market on October 23rd.