NVIDIA's New DGX Supercomputer Powers Generative AI

NVIDIA’s New DGX Supercomputer Powers Generative AI

During his keynote address at Computex, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang made several significant announcements, providing insights into the company’s forthcoming DGX GH200 supercomputer and its focus on assisting companies in developing generative AI models.

The DGX GH200 supercomputer leverages the new NVLink Switch System, enabling 256 GH200 Grace Hopper superchips to function as a single GPU. Each of these chips features an Arm-based Grace CPU and an H100 Tensor Core GPU. NVIDIA claims that this configuration empowers the DGX GH200 to deliver a staggering 1 exaflop of performance and possess 144 terabytes of shared memory, representing nearly 500 times the memory capacity of a single DGX A100 system.