Nvidia Admits That Its Latest Driver Is Causing Problems In Modern Warfare 2

Nvidia Admits That Its Latest Driver Is Causing Problems In Modern Warfare 2

Nvidia has confirmed that its most current GPU driver is to blame for many of the instability issues seen when playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on PC. Beenox, the principal company behind Modern Warfare 2, was the first to disclose the problem.

PC gamers flocked to social media to describe a succession of bizarre crashes and situations in which the game abruptly crashed to desktop in the middle of a multiplayer combat or campaign level. For Steam users, a lengthy download was frequently necessary before the game would load again, and many gamers attempted to ensure game files were not damaged, even going so far as uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Because an earlier problem caused Modern Warfare 2 to crash when players joined a group, new instabilities put insult to injury for PC players.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 received mixed reviews; with many critics suggesting it pales in comparison to its 2019 predecessor. As gamers began analyzing the new game’s format and reviews, concerns regarding stability surfaced. PC developer Beenox responded by advising players not to update to Nvidia’s 526.47 drivers, the most current version available, and instead to stick with the 522.25 drivers. Nvidia has now publicly admitted that the newest driver contains a fault, and they are working on a hotfix to solve it. Nvidia also stated that this is why the newest Game Ready driver has not been advertised or recommended.

Some gamers reported on social media that they upgraded to the new Nvidia drivers in an attempt to resolve the previously noted stability concerns. While upgrading GPU drivers is a common process in PC gaming, it seems to exacerbate the situation in our case. This comes shortly after Modern Warfare 2 removed the weapon tweaking mechanism in order to enhance stability.

For the time being, Nvidia has not specified when a hotfix would be made available. As of this writing, the current Game Ready driver, which is known to be broken, is still available for download, and gamers are advised to continue with earlier versions, even if additional game stability concerns are observed. While gamers who have upgraded to the new driver can roll back to the previous driver, this is more complex than updating and may be unknown to PC gamers who are new to the terrain. It’s difficult to judge if the GPU driver troubles are worse or a Modern Warfare 2 glitch that leads players into an interminable cinematic loop.