Now Available: Pokemon Build-a-Bear Sylveon

Now Available: Pokemon Build-a-Bear Sylveon

In a whimsical partnership between Build-a-Bear and Pokémon, fans are now poised to put the finishing touch on their Eeveelution collection as Sylveon takes the stage. This latest addition not only solidifies the bond between two iconic brands but also offers collectors the chance to complete their lineup of these beloved, shape-shifting Pokémon.


The Seamless Pokémon-Build-a-Bear Connection




The convergence of Build-a-Bear and Pokémon represents a captivating synergy between two pop culture giants. Both brands have etched themselves into the annals of nostalgia, capturing the hearts of fans across generations. Build-a-Bear’s prowess in transforming the fantastic array of Pokémon into irresistibly adorable plush companions is nothing short of an artistic achievement. From the universally recognized Pikachu, sporting its electrifying cheeks and endearing smile, to the equally endearing Psyduck with its perpetually befuddled expression, each plush rendition is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into these creations.

Stepping into a Build-a-Bear workshop is an immersive journey into the very essence of fandom. It’s an experience where enthusiasts can embark on a voyage to bring their favorite Pokémon to life. The choices are as boundless as one’s imagination: opting for the basic plush is just the beginning. The true allure lies in the ability to elevate this acquisition to a whole new level, unlocking a trove of delightful bonuses that have become a signature hallmark of the Build-a-Bear experience.


Sylveon’s Arrival in Style