Nintendo Switch Online's Free Game Trial
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Nintendo Switch Online’s Free Game Trial

Nintendo Switch Online is now providing a free trial of the classic card game UNO, allowing anyone to test out the game for free. Beginning January 24th and continuing through January 29th, gamers may download and play the complete Switch UNO game and get 100 MyNintendo Platinum Points. As an extra incentive, if players love UNO, they may purchase the entire title after the trial time at 60% off the regular price.

UNO has had multiple digital releases on different platforms over the years, and the current edition of the Nintendo Switch is no exception. The game supports both local and online multiplayer, enabling users to play with friends and family whether they are in the same room or playing remotely. The game also includes other game variants, such as “House Rules” and “Wild Draw Four,” which bring fresh twists and difficulties to the action.


However, there have been complaints of problems with the game after a recent update. Changes to basic gameplay, the need to sign up for a Ubisoft Connect account to play online, matchmaking difficulties, broken responses, DLC issues, and trouble with latency between turns have all been reported by players.

Nintendo Switch Online memberships provide free access to a library of games, the bulk of which are NES and SNES classics transferred to the console. Nintendo periodically offers free game trials like this one, but not as often as rival programmes like Xbox Game Pass or PlayStation Plus. However, since Nintendo Switch Online is less costly than services on other platforms, many gamers are unconcerned.

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Overall, for those who don’t currently possess UNO and want to play it on other platforms, a free trial period for PS4, PS5, and PC users is available until January 26th. Despite the current troubles, UNO is worth a try for anyone seeking something fun and economical to play with friends this weekend. UNO is currently available for Luna, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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