Nintendo Switch Online Game Vouchers Rumored to Make a Comeback

Good news may be on the horizon for Nintendo Switch gamers as rumours have emerged about the possible return of Nintendo Switch Online Vouchers. These vouchers, which were previously offered to subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service, provided a discount on recently released first-party games, a rare occurrence under normal circumstances.

The official Nintendo YouTube channel briefly uploaded a video promoting the vouchers, but it was quickly taken down, leading to speculation that it was an accidental upload. However, the video was archived by fans, offering the same deal as the previous vouchers. For $99.98, players could purchase two vouchers which could then be redeemed in the Nintendo Switch eShop for two games, offering significant savings compared to purchasing the games individually.

The Nintendo Switch Online service costs $20 a year, so players who are not already subscribed may want to consider that cost before taking advantage of the vouchers. In the past, the vouchers were not limited to older games, and the new promo seems to confirm that this will be the case again, with titles like Splatoon 3, Bayonetta 3, and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet potentially available for redemption.

While the vouchers are not currently available for purchase, there is evidence that a Nintendo Direct may be on the way, potentially highlighting the return of the vouchers. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is expected to receive its own deep dive, but a general Nintendo Direct could also be the perfect opportunity for Nintendo to reveal this offer.

For now, Nintendo Switch gamers will have to wait and see if the rumours are true, but the potential return of the vouchers is a promising sign for discounted game purchases.