Nintendo Pulls Out of Russia, Suspends eShop Sales

Nintendo Pulls Out of Russia, Suspends eShop Sales

Nintendo has officially announced the suspension of all new eShop sales in Russia as of May 31st, 2023. The decision follows a period of “maintenance mode” last year, during which access to the eShop was blocked for customers in the country. Nintendo of Europe confirmed that new purchases and redemption of digital codes will no longer be possible from the eShop in Russia.

In light of security concerns, Nintendo will delete all credit card information and PayPal details associated with Russian Nintendo Accounts. Furthermore, users will be unable to create new accounts if Russia is set as their country. However, users with existing Russian eShop accounts will still be able to download games and downloadable content (DLC) that they have previously purchased. The company has not specified how long this option will remain available to Russian users.

Nintendo’s decision aligns with similar actions taken by other major console makers in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Microsoft and Sony ceased all sales from Russia over a year ago, and several game studios, including Epic, Activision Blizzard, and EA, followed suit by halting sales in the country. With Nintendo now joining these efforts, no major console manufacturer currently allows Russian users to purchase new games within the country.

The halt in eShop sales further limits access to digital games and content for Russian gamers. It remains to be seen if these restrictions will be lifted in the future, but for now, Russian Nintendo fans will need to rely on previously purchased titles and DLC. The situation underscores the impact of geopolitical events on the gaming industry and the challenges faced by companies in navigating complex international relationships.

As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, it is essential for players and industry stakeholders to stay informed about the changing availability and accessibility of gaming platforms and services in different regions.